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    Orthodox Production Subsidy Scheme    

Ref: T-4(1)10/64                                                                                       7th December 2010

  • All Tea Members (EM)
  • Firm Members with Tea Manufacturing Interest

Dear Sirs,

Orthodox Production Subsidy Scheme

Further to our letter No.T-4(1)10/24 dated 23rd April 2010 informing Tea Board’s commitment towards Orthodox Subsidy up to 2009, we had represented to Tea Board regarding the continuation of the scheme for the remaining years in the 11th Plan period. We have now received a letter from Director of Tea Development, Tea Board on the subject matter which is reproduced below for the information of the members:

“This has reference to your letter No.T-4(1)10 dated 10th November 2010 on the above subject. The Board is still awaiting written confirmation from the Ministry as to the continuation of the scheme during the remaining period of 11th Five Year Plan period.

It may, however, be noted that during one of the meetings held in the Ministry, the issue had been deliberated and it was decided, pending final decision on the recommendations made in the report of mid-term evaluation carried out by M/s. A.C. Nielson to continue the scheme during the remaining period of the 11th Plan without any further modifications. Given this fact, we are awaiting the written confirmation. Now we are in the process of clearing the entire backlog pertaining to the period ending December 2008. You may, however, advise your members to submit their claims for 2009 and 2010 but the claims will be processed subject to the Board receiving the approval of the Government as well as additional allocation of funds. Given the limited budgetary support available as of now, the claims received will be processed on ‘First come, First serve’ basis.”

Yours faithfully,

Copy to:

  • Chairman & Members, Tea Committee
  • Secretaries, State P.As.


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